Monday, December 14, 2015

I'm Back!

Hello again!  I know it seems as "Mrs. Phillips is Missing".  Well she is kind of...

I definitely went missing from the blog world.  My "relax, unwind and blog time" was taken up with "drive me here and drive me there time" every night!  I have two wonderful daughters (ages 12 and 14) who keep me on the go constantly.  I'm not complaining, time is flying by and they are growing way too fast!  However, with all I do for everyone, I still need to find time to do what I enjoy.  I actually enjoy blogging quite a bit.  I love reading everyone's blogs and feel writing for my own blog is my way of contributing and paying it forward.

Now only did I go missing from the blog world, I went missing from my classroom too!  At the end of last year I had an amazing opportunity!  My district was the first in the state to go 1-to-1 with technology in grades K-12!  (Awesome, I know!!!!)  I was lucky enough to be hired as a Digital Support Colleague for the district.  Basically, I get to help teachers and students in all grade levels integrate technology into their classrooms in a meaningful way.  I do miss my classroom, but I LOVE my new job.  I have been able to impact so many more students.  I'm still in classrooms, just many different classrooms.

So hopefully this explains a little why I have been missing from my blog...  I think I now have my personal and work life a little more under control and can get back into the blogging world.  I have missed writing and connecting through my blogs so much.  I will still continue to focus on the K/1 classroom, just with a little more of a technology twist.

I hope you are all surviving this incredibly busy and fun holiday week!


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