Wednesday, January 9, 2013

MLK Freebie and Dollar Spot!

I was on one of my many trips to my favorite store Target and was happy to see they restocked the dollar spot!!!  Although when I hit the dollar spot, it turns into the $15 spot!  
A few of my favorite finds were a Leap Frog spin to subtract dry erase mats.  Perfect for my S.T.E.M. center!  They had some super cute dry erase paddles in star shapes.  Scratch and Sniff stickers were also in there!  100th day bookmarks and cool erasers for the kids.  So if you haven't stopped by your local Target Dollar Spot, I say go!  (Unless controlling your budget is your New Years Resolution then I say stay away!)

I was looking through my January files from last year and ran across this Martin Luther King Jr.  Timeline project I did with the kids and thought I would share!  
I gave the students this sheet and a sentence strip.  We cut it apart and put it in order.  It was great to teach them about putting items in chronological order.  They all thought he was SO old because he was born in the 1900's!  Then they were floored when I told them so was I!  (You have to love there honesty!)

Last year we took it a bit further.  The students paired up and and made Keynote presentations about MLK.  The kids did well and they turned out great!  (I am not sure my group this year will be able to do it...)

Hope you are all having a great week back, or second week back if you were lucky like me and started back last week.  Already feeling the stress????  There is an app for that!  Check back tomorrow for "This is a Great App Thursday" and find out more.


  1. I totally bought 100 day stickers and awards from Target yesterday!! Love it!! :)

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. I can sooo relate. I tend to buy everything in the dollar spot. It's an issue. :) thanks for sharing your super cute MLK activity! What an awesome idea! I'm starting to feel that stress creeping in, trying to push it away. Can't wait to find out about that app!

  3. Your MLK activity is great. I love the actual photographs...much better than drawings. I will definitely use this.

  4. I LOVE timeline activities ... and this is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing it! I featured your timeline as a Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page (and on Pinterest)


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