Monday, January 21, 2013

Uncovering Numbers to 120

I am so excited to have finally finished my biggest and best unit yet (I think so anyways...)  We are teaching to the Common Core standards but unfortunately our textbooks don't quite match!  The biggest change, and a tough concept to get is going to 120, instead of stopping at 100.  This unit includes everything you will need to teach, practice and assess the Number and Operations in Base Ten standards for the 1st grade Common Core.

This unit includes:

•Common Core Standards
•120 Chart
•Working with the 120 Chart (10 pages)
•What comes next? (4 pages)
•Solving Story Problems (2 Pages)
•Working with Tens and Ones (5 pages)
•Comparing Numbers < = > (3 pages)
•Unit Assessment (4 pages)

3 Center Activities
•Number Sense Tic-Tac-Toe
•Greater Than Gator Game (game board and 50 cards)
•Number Sense Clues Game (game board and 50 cards)

I would love to know what you think!  I am going to give the unit away to the first 3 people to comment and the 10th person  (Don't forget to leave your e-mail)!  I also have a few pages included in the FREE preview of this unit on TpT and Teachers Notebook.  The unit will normally be $4.95 but until January 21st and January 22nd it is only $2.


  1. Teresa,
    This looks great!

  2. It looks like a great packet! I like the number chart puzzles!

  3. Looks great! We ate using a new program this year and so far it's really lacking on number grid activities!

  4. I really really want this unit it

  5. jilm473 I need your address and I will send it your way!

  6. What a great unit. I am looking forward to your number sense unit!!! We are 100% common core in my district as well and am always looking for CCSS units to help teach all of the standards. Yours are awesome!

  7. Awesome! I just added this this to my wish list. I just finished a CCSS First Grade Unit on Measuring. Check it out, if you wish.


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