Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What a Day!!!

Oh My, What a Day!!!  Not sure why, but my kids were nuts today!  We had class pictures today and the kids were not in their uniforms.  This is our first year of uniforms in school and I realized today how much I love it!  Our "uniforms" are really just a strict dress code.  Polo or collared shirts with tan, black or denim pants or shorts.  As a mom I love it in the morning with my girls.  Now today I realized I love it more as a teacher.  Today, the kids were not focused.  Many girls where in dresses and couldn't sit on the floor.  They were not wearing proper shoes.  I know any change can throw the kids off, but this change really did a number!

Friday is out 100th day of school!  (another day with kids off their schedules...)  This is always one of my favorite days and so much fun.  I always want to order one of the super cute T-shirts and never think of it in enough time.  So tonight I put together a few designs to print out on an ink jet t-shirt transfer.  I thought I would share.  If you use them, don't forget to set the printer to "flip the image" for the transfers.

I have added the already mirrored images here.

As I finish up this post, I think I have a new addiction.  I have started watching season 1 of Downton Abbey on Netflix.  I had to see what all of the fuss was about.  It is really good and addicting so far.  Just starting episode 3.  I am loving it, but I am much less productive with it on.  I am playing it on my iPad propped besides my mac book.


  1. thanks for the transfers. how do i flip it?

  2. Yay! Downton Abbey is so good!!! ;)

  3. Ronnie I just added an already mirrored one too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying Downton Abbey :o)

  4. Downton Abbey is so good! I watched the whole first season in one weekend, so I was definitely being less productive than you!

    Ms. Cranfill's Class


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