Thursday, January 3, 2013

"This is a Great App" Thursday

I am having fun discovering new-to-me ways to use my iPad in the classroom.  I thought I was pretty good learning all about it and using it until my 11-year old daughter got hers for her class.  (She is in a paperless 6th grade class and they use their iPads from the school for everything.)  The things she can do are amazing!  Our teacher-student relationship has made a 360 and she is now the teacher.  The app she uses the most is Notability.  This is an incredible app I am just beginning to learn and realize all of the possible uses.  It has helped her become so organized, I am trying to use it to help me now!  I will hopefully share my knowledge about this app and how it helps me in a future post!  There are so many fantastic apps out there, and I have enjoyed learning about them blog-stalking, I think I will try and pick one to talk about weekly.  (This is just coming to me now as I blog so I don't have it all thought out.)  So today I am starting "This is a Great App" Thursday,  I figure I can pick an app a week to blog about.  It should help me focus a little and hopefully be something you can look forward to.

So for the first app I can't live without.... Splashtop.  This is a remote desktop app.

So how do I use it?  I connect to my laptop that is hooked up to my smartboard/ projector.  I can control everything from the iPad.  So I am not stuck to my laptop or the smartboard.  When I first used it the students were amazed at my magic abilities!  I can walk around the room.  The students can write or work directly with my iPad or the smartboard.  It has changed the way I teach!  I am able walk around the room and not lose the class by stopping the instruction.

OK I can hear people saying, well this sounds great, but I don't have an iPad for class.  (This was me last year and the beginning of this year!)  Great news!  This app is available on all kinds of tablets.  Even the nook or Kindle Fire.  You have to pay for the app (it is like $4.99, a great bargain!) and then the software download for the computer is free.  It works with Mac and PC's.  Give it a try, it will change how you teach and interact with your class.

Let me know what app you can't live without.  Is there an app you would like more information on?  What do you think about "This is a Great App" Thursdays?

Now to continue with my "share more freebies resolution" a 2D Shapes Freebie.

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