Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Race to Win!

Happy Sunday!  Today it seems I am racing to get things done and hoping to win!  I am still after my resolution to lose weight and walking more.  I figured out yesterday that having music with 130 bpm makes a big difference in your pace!  It could have also been attributed to the fact that I didn't have my kids with me and wasn't exhausted from working all day at school.

I was just updating (and shopping!) on Teachers Notebook and noticed the giveaway going on!  You can enter to win your choice of an iPad Mini, Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD!  It is free to enter and you can enter once everyday.  You do have to be a Teachers Notebook member (this is free also).

So as you are "blog-stalking" click over and enter for your chance to win!  If you click over from my page and win I get one too!!!!  As a bonus, if I win because of you I will send a special thank you!  I will send you a $25 Amazon Gift Card and All of the products in my store during 2013!

I just completed and uploaded my "Dolch Word Fluency Race" packet.  

This is a fun way to practice and track your students Dolch Word List accuracy and time. Includes word races for Preprimer - Grade 3 Dolch Words. Perfect for small group instruction and paired student work in Buddy Reading or Word Work literacy stations. It is Reading Standards: Foundation Skills Common Core Aligned for Word Recognition and Fluency.

Give it a try, download a preview FREE!  (Download at my TN or TpT Store) Preview includes: Preprimer Word Race Materials

Full Packet Includes:
- Packet Instructions and Use Ideas
- Student Practice Booklet/ Individual Assessments (6 pages)
- Mini-Posters (5 pages)
- Dolch Word Race Champion Certificates
- Dolch Word Race Class Tracking Form

So as I continue on my race today, the finish line is not even in sight!  So much to do and not quite enough time to do it.  Who needs sleep anyways right!

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  1. I like your sight word game. What a fun incentive for the kids. And I really like that it spans a large range of words. That way my most beginning reader as well as my more advanced reader can practice at their levels.


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